Who We Are

As we move into our 2018-19 season, the Evergreen Chorale will be operating as Ovation West Performing Arts. Ovation West Performing Arts is an organization which is composed of the six branches of activity that the Evergreen Chorale produces. From its early days as a small community singing group, the Evergreen Chorale evolved tremendously over the past 45 years into one of the premier community choirs in the state, as well as a producer of high-quality musicals noteworthy for the professional caliber of its performers. The organization draws members, performers, and patrons from within and well beyond the mountain community; a testament to its success and growing reputation. We open Center Stage to community performing arts groups, as a meeting space for local organizations, and as a satellite exhibit space for local artists.

Recognizing this expansion of  our endeavors,  we have created a name to act as an umbrella for all of our activities – the choir (Evergreen Chorale), Center Stage, our musical theatre productions, chamber choir (Altezza) and Summer Music Camp and our Shining Stars concert series.

So – the choir will still be known as the Evergreen Chorale, and of course Center Stage will keep its name!  These and our other endeavors will be under the umbrella of Ovation West Performing Arts…a name with room for all!


Christine Gaudreau….Artistic and Musical Director
email: christine@ovationwest.org, phone: 303-909-0572

Susan Kramer….Executive Director
email: susan@ovationwest.org, phone: 303-335-5293

Christine Emery….Administrative and Box Office Manager
email: cemery@ovationwest.org, phone:303-241-4458

Shannon Guarneros….Production Manager
email: shannon@ovationwest.org, phone: 651-216-4038

Patrick Lee…Principal Accompanist
email: patrick@ovationwest.org

Amy Bergevin….Wardrobe Mistress for Center Stage


Dick Scudder, President
Bob Baldwin, Secretary
Frank Plaut, Vice President
Janette Palenius, Treasurer
Tracy Denver
Christine Gaudreau
Kim Gan
Susan Kramer
Bob Meade
Ann Moore
Michelle O’Laughlin
Alan Rubin
Linda Trenbeath