Transformative Singing is a holistic approach to singing that is designed to Transform your Voice and Transform your Life! Our community workshops will guide you to discover the full expressive capability of your voice. By exploring the connection of your Body, your Mind, your Heart, and your Spirit, you will learn to identify the habits that are holding back your voice, and form new habits that allow for unimpeded vocal expression in any musical style, while also giving you the tools to be fully and unapologetically yourself.

The workshops have enabled  singers of all levels to go beyond the limitations of traditional, mechanical vocal technique. By embracing a more holistic understanding of the voice, beginners and seasoned professionals alike have been able to…

  • Sing with ease, power, and artistry in any style
  • Empower themselves and others to sing and live with intention and purpose. 
  • Improve their range, agility, tone quality and diversity, breath management, and much more
  • Find a profound sense of purpose in their artistry
  • Re-discover the joy and fulfillment of singing
  • Find their True Voice – (both the instrument and expression of Self)
  • Dissolve their performance anxiety for good
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery through singing – one that leads to increased confidence, life purpose, and self-awareness
  • Create a profound and lasting impact on their audience every time they sing 

Even if you have tried other singing courses in the past, you’ve never experienced anything like this!

After reaching thousands of singers worldwide, these classes are now being offered to the Foothills community by Drs. Graham and Stefanie Anduri. Our Fall class lineup will be announced in September, so be sure to check back then to see how you can take part.