And help us sustain the performing arts for another century to come!

Center Stage, our beautiful historic building, turns 100 this year. Like any old building, she requires a lot of TLC. On top of regular expected maintenance, major unexpected repair projects frequently arise and require resources that would normally go toward community programming.

Between a recent water line break and the hail damage to our roof this summer, we are looking at well over $100,000 in unplanned repairs!


The performing arts are a powerful force for improving the cultural vitality and social bonds within our communities, and affect us all in unique and transformative ways. Live performances have scientifically shown to help both audiences and performers increase their mental and emotional wellbeing, empathy, interpersonal connections, a sense of belonging, and much more.

Ticket sales and grants provide two big pieces of the pie, but like all nonprofit performing

arts organizations, Ovation West Performing Arts relies heavily on the generosity of our community members.

Your support makes it possible to:

  • Deliver high-quality performances that Transform, Inspire and Connect our foothills community
  • Bring the magic of the performing arts to the underprivileged and at-risk youth
  • Ensure that the cultural vitality and community connection we promote can continue well in the future

You can join the Center Stage Century Club today with a one-time donation of $100, or with a monthly recurring gift of only $8.33. All donations will go toward keeping our historic theater building up and running, not just for our own productions, but for the whole community to use as well.

Your gift will help us keep our doors open, our actors acting, and our singers singing for years to come!