Executive Staff

Dr.Graham Anduri, Executive Director

In January 2023, Dr. Graham Anduri joined Ovation West Performing Arts as their new Executive Director. Dr. Anduri is a lifelong performer and learner. His musical training began in 4th grade playing the clarinet in his school band and continued through a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. Graham performed in plays and musicals throughout high school, and discovered opera in college, which led him to pursue a professional performing career which continues to this day. A passionate educator, Graham taught voice, choir, and opera at the university level for ten years before joining Ovation West, and has run international training programs for emerging professional musical theatre and opera singers. Dr. Anduri believes strongly in the transformative power of the performing arts and views performing arts education as a critical component in forging a society that is more compassionate, understanding, empathetic, peaceful, innovative, and cooperative. Email graham@ovationwest.org

Christine Gaudreau, Principal Music Director

Christine Gaudreau has served Ovation West Performing Arts since 2010. Today she is the organization’s Principal Musical Director and Conductor of the Evergreen Chorale and Altezza Chamber Choir. She began her musical training in her native Germany in opera and, upon moving to California, completed degrees in Music History and Voice Performance and a Masters in Conducting from San Diego State University. Additionally, she has studied at the International Bach Festival and Yale. Christine serves as Director of Music and Worship Arts for the highly respected music program at Wellshire Presbyterian Church, where she conducts the Sanctuary Choir and the professional Wellshire Orchestra, and also curates the concert series “Music at Wellshire.” She has served as guest conductor for Jefferson Symphony Orchestra, Lamont School of Music, and is a member of the adjunct faculty of Denver University, and more. Email christine@ovationwest.org

Kelvin Callaghan, Building Manager

Sarah Gumina, Marketing/PR

Tonje Williams, Operations Manager

Alex Woosley, Production Manager

Board of Directors

Carole Callaghan, President
A member of the Evergreen Chorale since moving to Colorado in 2018, Carole also performs in Ovation West Performing Arts theatrical productions. She became a member of the board in 2021, was subsequently elected Vice President, and then President. Email president@ovationwest.org

Kevin Atkinson, Treasurer
Kevin was born into Ovation West Performing Arts. His parents met during theatrical productions and singing in the Evergreen Chorale. After graduating from college in 2017 and moving back to the Evergreen area, Kevin joined the Chorale. Shortly after, he served as librarian and has been a board member since 2021. To this day, Kevin’s grandmother, mother, and sister regularly perform with the organization.

Julie Bell
Julie joined the Evergreen Chorale in 2016 after she and her daughter took voice lessons from Christine Gaudreau. In 2022, she joined the organization’s board as a way to give back to Ovation West and the community.

Dodge McCord
Dodge has been singing with the Evergreen Chorale since January 2013, and in that time has performed in 12 musical theater productions at Center Stage with the Chorale and Ovation West Musical Theatre. His primary focus is maintaining the high artistic and musical quality of everything that Ovation West does.

Patricia Magerkurth
A long time Evergreen Chorale singer who believes in the transformative power of music, Patricia has served on the Ovation West Performing Arts board for over three years. She also worked for the Chorale in 2015.

Mande Mischler
Growing up in Evergreen, Mande sang with the Evergreen Chorale. Upon returning to the area, she rejoined the Chorale and joined the board.

Claire Terry
Claire joined Ovation West Performing Arts as a member of the Evergreen Chorale 10 years ago. She is so grateful to be able to sing with such a high quality choral organization right here in Evergreen.

Laura Veckerelli, Secretary
Laura joined the Ovation West Performing Arts Board two years ago after years of volunteering for the Front of the House. She is passionate about the historic Center Stage building and keeping it safe, functioning and attractive to our community.

Kris WaggonerA long time member of the Evergreen Chorale, Kris has served as a board member for Ovation West Performing Arts for several years, most recently as President. She is glad to give back to an organization that has given her so much.