This Sunday, November 12, the Evergreen Chorale, the Choirs of Colorado Christian University and the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra, will present “Illuminare” by award-winning composer Elaine Hagenberg.

Under the direction of Principal Music Director Christine Gaudreau, with accompanist Patrick Lee, the concert also includes winter and seasonal works by Sarah Quartel, Jocelyn Hagen, and Susan LaBarr.

Internationally acclaimed composer Elaine Hagenberg will be a guest speaker during the concerts to introduce her highly acclaimed composition Illuminare (“Light Up”). The work uses  lesser-known sacred Latin texts, and takes audiences through a season of beauty and goodness that has been disrupted by darkness and confusion. But as Light gradually returns, hope is restored, illuminating our future and guiding us in peace.

In this rehearsal video, Tenor soloist Adam Kinney, the Evergreen Chorale, and the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra give a glimpse of the beauty to be heard at Sunday’s concert. There are two shows on Sunday, November 12 (3 pm and 6pm) at Wellshire Presbyterian Church. Tickets available now online and at the door.